custom outdoor fireplace by pool

Keep the party glowing all night with a custom outdoor fireplace or fire pit.


Whether you want a little seasonal warmth, some flame-and-coals ambiance, or the only outdoor pizza oven in the neighborhood, we strongly encourage you to consider a custom outdoor fireplace or fire pit for your backyard patio or entertainment area.

Either will take your patio space to a higher level of interesting and enjoyable activity when experienced with family and friends.

We build your custom fireplace or fire pit by considering the styles and materials that best complement the surrounding area and your home’s exterior. Bricks, pavers, natural stone—all are explored and even combined to bring your back yard one-of-a-kind elegance and character.

The choice is up to you, of course, but we urge you to think about the special warmth that people experience physically and emotionally when gathered around an evening’s wood fire.

Work begins with drawings, portfolio samples, and materials

The initial stages of developing your custom fireplace or fire pit includes a drawing of our suggested design. We will also show you photographs of similar work that we have produced, as well as paver, brick and natural stone samples that will help bring a more tactile understanding of the final surface’s substance and quality.

We stay once we start

Whether we are adding onto your existing patio or entertainment area, or incorporating this element into a new patio or entertainment design, you can depend on us to stay on the job once we begin. This is a BIG point for you to consider when selecting a custom fireplace or fire pit installer, because you do not want to have a partially created structure sitting unfinished for weeks on end.

You can depend upon our professionals to work as quickly as quality craftsmanship and weather conditions allow, with our complete dedication to your project alone. Green Giant work teams are courteous and clean, and have been employed by us for many years. All are highly trained on equipment use and safety, and will clean up any debris that remains at the end of the day.

Depend on Green Giant Design & Construction to warm up your nights—and your heart—with a high-quality, highly original fire containment center.