custom landscape designer at work

Outstanding custom landscape designs for homes throughout Central New Jersey.


Look around our website, and we hope you will agree that you see high-quality, highly original custom landscape designs. Our goal is to create a unique design that incorporates your ideas and ours to create an interesting landscape or patio that will improve your property.

It is the result of active listening, decades of experience, careful planning, and painstaking execution.

We begin every project with an open mind and active ears—because the homeowner comes to the table with ideas and expectations that must be heard and processed by us. During our initial meetings, we will also walk the property, note the style of the home and the path of the sun, and otherwise begin to see the unique characteristics of this property within which our designs must conform.

With the homeowner’s dreams and desires in mind, we will also discuss a budget range, so we can use our years of experience to begin blending what may or may not be possible for this project.

When the homeowner feels understood, we begin sketching out what we believe to be a shared vision of the result we are both looking for. We will review this illustration together and make any necessary adjustments until we both lock into a final design.

With this final blueprint in hand, Green Giant will attach specific costs to all time and materials in an itemized proposal, which will also include an estimated time for project completion.

Upon homeowner approval of this estimate, our construction work begins with strict adherence to both our planning and promises.

In the end, we feel proud of the work we have completed—as does our client, who was so integral to success of the project as well.