custom home walkway

A home walkway contractor who puts friends and family on a better path.


The property around your home grows over time in its number of feet—not as a unit of measure, but in the amount of footsteps taken by family and friends.

Every day, from your front sidewalk or driveway to your front door, back and forth, back and forth.

Having a party in your back yard? Guest have a choice of walking through your home to get to your patio, or walking over your front, side, and back lawn to get there.

Wouldn’t it add a tremendous amount of beauty and functionality to provide your family and guests with a custom walkway or pathway that makes each route feel more like an adventure than a routine, that guides traffic elegantly rather than forcing an off-road trip in shined shoes or high heels?

Green Giant begins each walkway and pathway project by considering the elements and angles of your property. Gardens, trees, slopes, entryways—all are noted as part of developing the most effective way to add to or install an interesting route for moving people to and from the exterior of your home.

As part of our initial thinking and your budget considerations, we will also discuss with you the options of building your pathway using concrete, pavers, brick, or natural stone.

Sketches, samples, and portfolio work

After meeting with you to look around your property and listen to your needs and ideas, we will create a sketch of our vision for the ultimate design. As part of our reviewing this with you, we will show you photographs of similar work we have done as well as samples of pavers, bricks or natural stone to aid in our planning.

Custom landscaping—shrubs, perennial flowers—add even more flourish to your new walkway or pathway. If included in this project, we can help you select any required shrubs or perennials, and plant them using our professional expertise to ensure proper spacing for growth and that your plants will thrive in their sunlight conditions. We can show you reference photos of the shrubs and plants we recommend, and meet you at the nursery if necessary.

We finish what we start, usually within one week

Once construction begins, we remain on your project until it’s completed— usually within one week, depending upon the length and complexity of the installation. This is a BIG point for you to consider when selecting a home walkway installer, because you want a team that starts and finishes, not one that starts…and stops…and starts…and stops…for weeks on end.

Green Giant pros work as quickly as quality craftsmanship allows, with complete dedication to your project’s completion and your 100% satisfaction. Our workers are courteous and clean, and have been employed by us for many years. All are highly trained on equipment use and safety, and will remove any debris that remains from their work at the end of each day.

You can depend Green Giant Design & Construction to create a custom paver walkway or pathway—concrete, paver, brick, or natural stone—that will have everyone beating a path to your home to marvel at its originality and beauty.