sample of low voltage landscape lighting contractor services

Custom landscape lighting contractors creating nighttime ambiance & focal points.


Why let your spectacular hardscapes, waterscapes, or custom gardens and tree/shrub plantings disappear into darkness or get washed out with flat area lighting when you can bathe them in custom-designed ambient lighting?

Not only does custom landscape lighting add a unique flare to your nighttime entertainment; it also lets you target specific highlights of your designs rather than simply illuminating the entire area using a general “back porch light.” Landscape lighting also adds an ambiance to your pool or patio area.

We incorporate specific types of lighting fixtures that will embellish and enhance your property’s particular landscaping features and/or  provide entertainment support along walkways and patio walls.

Effects include floodlighting, uplighting, backlighting, and area lighting. Your lights can be housed in a wide variety of fixture designs made out of aluminum or copper. We will recommend and install the hardware material and design embellishments that best complement the look of your home and outdoor areas, as well as the proper bulbs that will best produce a desired effect. We only work with the top lighting manufacturers, so you can be assured of industry-leading warranties and years of exceptional performance.

You will get your best effects by using low-voltage lighting that work on systems that can be timed to turn on and off or be operated by a sunlight-driven photo cell or a preset timer. We install any cabling and power systems for these low-voltage lighting projects; when installing lanterns on columns or patio walls, we may instead integrate 110-voltage lines to give added effects.

We show drawings, portfolio samples, and materials

For more complex custom landscape lighting projects, our initial planning might include a drawing of our suggested designs. When necessary, we might also show you photographs of similar work that we have produced, as well as product samples that will help bring a more tactile understanding of the final structure’s substance and quality.

Once we flip the switch, the works stays on

Whether we are adding onto an existing project, or providing landscape lighting for you as a standalone service, you can depend on us to remain on the job once we start. This is a BIG point for you to consider when selecting a custom landscape  lighting contractor, because you do not want to have partially installed structures and wiring laying around unfinished for weeks on end.

You can depend upon our professionals to work as quickly as quality craftsmanship and weather conditions allow, with our complete dedication to your project alone. Our work teams are courteous and clean, and have been employed by us for many years. All are highly trained on equipment use and safety, and will clean up any debris that remains at the end of each day.

Depend on Green Giant Design & Construction to light up your enthusiasm for a job well done when you select us to be your custom landscape lighting contractor!