custom paver driveway

Custom paver driveway contractors who offer a beautiful approach to any home.


Custom paver driveways give your home a unique character and texture, uniting surrounding colors, landforms, and architecture in ways that are beyond the reach of everyday asphalt.

Beyond improved aesthetics and added character to your home’s appearance, however, installing a paver driveway will also improve what you don’t see—your driveway’s underlying structure.

Eight steps to a structurally sound, sensational driveway

Green Giant works systematically to ensure that your new paver driveway will stand strong against the ravages of time, weather, and vehicle wear. These eight steps are:

  1. Removing the existing driveway surface and placing it in our truck for proper disposal.
  2. Realigning and/or shaping the placement or design of the driveway, if necessary, for optimal vehicle travel, visual interest, and water drainage.
  3. Digging past any organic soil to the subgrade to achieve added strength.
  4.  Grading the remaining surface to provide optimal drainage and water movement that might come from the home and surrounding property.
  5. Installing a separation fabric to prevent any corruption between the subgrade and crushed stone base.
  6. Applying a crushed stone base and compacting it to support the weight of any sort of family-owned vehicle for proper stability.
  7. Compacting and prepping a dense sand layer prior to setting pavers.
  8. Installing the pavers—or brick—of your choice in the agreed upon pattern.

Before we start: illustrations, samples, and portfolio work

Of course, our work begins before we start actually working on your new paver driveway. We create and discuss with you an illustration of how we envision the ultimate design. We will show you photographs of similar work we have done and paver samples that will help bring to life your driveway’s beauty and functionality.

If we are to include landscape design along your new driveway, we can help you select any required shrubs or perennials, and plant them using our professional expertise regarding spacing and sunlight requirements. We can show you photos of plants and shrubs, and meet you at the nursery if necessary.

Once started we stay, and will finish within one week

Once construction begins, we stay with your project until it is completed— usually within one week, depending upon the length and complexity of the design. This is a BIG point for you to consider when selecting a paver driveway installer, because you do not want to have an unsightly and unusable driveway area for weeks on end.

You can depend upon our professionals to work as quickly as quality craftsmanship allows, with complete dedication to your project alone. Our teams are courteous and clean, and have been employed by us for many years. All are highly trained on equipment use and safety, and will remove any debris that remains from their work at the end of the day.

You can depend Green Giant Design & Construction to create a custom paver driveway that will be a joy to your family and the envy of your neighborhood.