sample pool & patio renovation service

Patio, pool, and landscape renovation and repair service.


Do you have an existing patio, pool, or landscape area that you would like to have renovated or repaired? Green Giant has the vision and skills required to improve the structure and appearance of your property, regardless of which contractor originally performed the work.

Our renovations will reinvigorate your property

If you are tired of the way an area of your property looks, or the disrepair has become unmanageable, we can re-plan the design and/or foliage while keeping as much of the original presentation or materials as you prefer.

We can build steps or walls to refresh the feel and function of your patio…extend your pool’s seating area or add a paved walkway from your home…or remove, replant, replace, and reimagine any landscaped area with flowers, shrubs, or trees.

We rebuild or replace damaged patios or pavers. Patio repairs will bring your existing patio back into shape and help keep it both safe and looking new.

The possibilities are seemingly endless for how our renovation services can add new sparkle and functionality to your outdoor entertainment and decorative areas.

So if you don’t need “new,” perhaps it is time to “renew” today with Green Giant!

You can also call us for spot repairs

While our bread-and-butter is providing custom installations and expert renovation services, we are also glad to help you with smaller repairs to remedy newly settled ground, stones or pavers that have shifted out of alignment, drainage that needs adjustment, stone or paver surfaces that could use re-sanding, and on and on.

Part of being a valuable service to our community is helping in many ways, both small and large. So please feel free to call us for smaller repair jobs—we value calls from all of our customers!