sample image from shrub landscaping company

If your old landscaping looks bush league, try our professional shrub landscaping.


Shrubs offer a wonderfully wide range of sizes, textures, and flowering options, and so they can be an inexpensive but visually impactful addition to many areas surrounding your home.

Rest assured that we can identify and plant an interesting mix of colorful shrubs to complement various hardscapes and waterscapes that you might have, as well as with any flower gardens or tree-lined areas on your property.

We fully understand the sun, shade, and drainage required for various shrubs to thrive, as well as their mature heights and widths. We only recommend shrub landscaping that suits these variables, and can also advise you on proper times and techniques for pruning.

Please note: Maintenance services (e.g., mulching and pruning) are also available.

Illustrations, portfolio samples, live clippings

We will listen to what ideas you may have for incorporating shrubs within your property areas. Then we will recommend the best varieties to suit your needs. If part of a larger custom design project, we will also incorporate their placement into our planning illustration.

To give you a better idea of how they will look on your property, we might also show you images from our portfolio of similar work, bring you live clippings, or even meet you at a plant nursery to see sample shrubs firsthand.

Once we start, we stay firmly rooted

We stay with your project once planting begins—usually one or two days for shrub landscaping alone. This is a BIG point for you to consider when selecting a shrub landscaping company, because you do not want to have large holes in your yard or garden—or unplanted bushes laying around your property—for days on end.

You can depend upon our professionals to get your work done as quickly as quality transplanting allows, with complete dedication to your project alone. Our teams are courteous and clean, and have been employed by us for many years. All are highly trained on planting depth and spacing, initial watering, and other such concerns. They will also remove any debris that remains at the end of the day.

From beginning to end, Green Giant Design & Construction treats your shrub landscaping project with complete professionalism…absolutely nothing about us is bush league.