custom wall builders

Custom-built stone walls support your greatest patio or walkway desires.


Stone walls can support many design goals—from supporting the weight of an elevated patio or a seated guest, to creating a natural barrier between landscaping and a walkway, to retaining walls for various waterscapes, to creating an upraised garden such as the one shown in the photograph above.

We work with a wide variety of natural stones, which add texture, color, and character to the space that we are creating with you. Blue stone, flagstone, Colonial field stone, moss rock, boulders, even pavers and brick are among the materials at hand to match your taste, home exterior, and building requirements.

Other approaches available to us include manufactured wall stone systems from different companies such as Techo-Bloc and EP Henry that create entire patio/wall systems as well as retaining walls.

Whatever support or structural flow you can imagine, our experts can produce it, with a sturdiness that can withstand decades of weather and use.

Sketches, samples, and showcase examples

custom stone seatingListening is our first step toward building the stone wall of your dreams. Whether integrated into a custom patio, walkway, or poolscape project or an existing structure on your property, we treat each custom wall as its own standalone project that is worthy of individual considerations for beauty, innovation, and functionality.

When we feel we have reached a landscape design on the way forward, we will produce an illustration to visually express what we have been discussing. In addition, we will be happy to show you material samples and showcase examples of similar walls we have produced, if available.

If you will need landscaping as part of your project, we can also help you select any required trees or perennials, and plant them using our professional expertise regarding spacing and sunlight requirements. We will include this planning in our sketches, review photos with you, and even meet you at the nursery if necessary.

Once we start, we stay with it

Once construction begins, we stay with your project until it is completed—often 2-3 days for standalone walls, otherwise as part of the greater project that is underway. This is a BIG point for you to consider when selecting a custom wall contractor, because you do not want to have a dug-up lawn and sundry stones laying about   for weeks on end.

You can depend upon our professionals to get your work done as quickly as quality craftsmanship allows, with complete dedication to your project alone. Our teams are courteous and clean, and have been employed by us for many years. All are highly trained on equipment use and safety, and will clean up any debris that remains at the end of each day.

That is why homeowners and businesses within our service area call Green Giant Design & Construction for all of their custom stone wall construction needs.